About Snapshots of Relevance

– A personal weblog to share, discuss and learn – Data Centres, Clouds, and Apps being the main focus.

– Onliiiine, ont’interweb, etc.

– This blog -> Learning, awareness, putting something back out there.  This blog is about sharing practical guidance gleaned from my day-to-day life.  My blogging past also taught me that it’s an excellent way to make sure that you know subject areas to a greater level of detail than you normally would… if you don’t, you wouldn’t dare put it out there to be repeated as fact or pulled apart! 😉  I enjoy writing, specifically ‘translating’ things that I feel have been made to look more complex than they are into something more consumable, meaningful and ‘real-world’/practical.  Also, perspectives, views, etc. = more to be respected, more to be understood, more to be considered!
– “Snapshots of Relevance” -> It was randomly blurted out during an appraisal, followed by “did I really just say that?” which then led to my boss taking the micky with the help of some others.  It stuck around.  I should never ever work in marketing.

– Keep abreast of current and new technologies + solutions.
– Spot and assess current and future market dynamics.
– Awareness of sector and business-specific trends and needs.
– Mental discipline.
– Energy.
– Reduced sleep.

– snapshotsofrelevance.com is an independent personal weblog and web site of Richard Bannister.  The opinions expressed are entirely the author’s opinions and not those of his employer and/or its affiliates.  No warranty whatsoever is made that posts are accurate.  There is also no assurance (apart from the author’s professional integrity) that any statement contained in a post is true, correct, or precise.  All brand and company names are used for identification purposes only.


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