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Richard Bannister is a Systems Engineer at Cisco Systems and he focuses on Data Centre, Virtualisation and Cloud technologies.  Richard joined Cisco Systems in 2008, he is based in NW England and works within Cisco’s UK and Ireland Data Centre/Virtualisation technical overlay team.

Richard’s working history comprises of two main job types; the first being ‘hands-on’ technical inc. support roles, and the second being the pre-sales technical/architectural role that he currently enjoys.  Both of these job types have involved a focus on networking, security, compute, storage and management/sw stacks.

Richard is currently responsible for providing design expertise on data centre projects and for offering advice on specific data centre technologies and solutions.  This involves understanding business objectives and/or issues (inc. collectives in the case of Public Sector  i.e. ‘shared services’), and then applying a technical proposal or solution.

Prior to Cisco, Richard worked in Public Sector ICT for 7 years and spent a short time in the home shopping/e-retail sector.  During this time he blogged at http://rbcciequest.wordpress.com and now shudders at the thought of how poor his writing was!

Away from work Richard is a proud father and enjoys drumming (not very well), music, sports and traveling.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/barrywhitedc
LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/richardjbannister

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